“Your Name” (If It Was Mine To Say)

The truth is, together, we’d be great.

We could take over the world with a glance
We could run this town with our hands behind our backs
We could scale mountains, cross lands,
Cure cancer in our sleep,
Or we could just make good chocolate chip cookies
And talk about something on T.V.

Oh I wouldn’t care.
To sit beside you would be to light up Times Square
With the electricity in my veins.
To listen to you would be to melt Winter to Spring
With the alchemy in each laugh.
To dance with you would be to move the Earth closer to the Sun
To swim oceans
And climb straight to the stars.
To die and live and explode and forget it all
But know
It’s we.

But it’s not, no
It’s she.

A match that is supernovas and tidal waves
That I can’t deny.
The light of your love lifting dust specks like me
From the floorboards underneath tarnished windows
You stream through, together
Waking up sleepy towns on your way
Singing through forests beyond my reach.

I watch from below
And hairline cracks begin to show beneath my surface
As I bloom in your beauty but wilt inside
At every look you share:
The momentous glances of two people falling in love
While I plummet towards a sea that will swallow me with soothing whispers
That love just isn’t for all of us.

But before I drown I’ll see the world spin in your perfect grace
Bowing to the beauty
And I’ll have to smile
For maybe in the next life I’ll see you first
And I’ll be the one you cannot let go of.

And in that world, dimension, and space
I promise you
If nothing else
Our chocolate chip cookies
They’ll be divine.

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