Basking in The Brilliance

This post is part of the “Blogging from A-Z April Challenge”! The “B” themed inspiration for today is “brilliance.” This is an old poem I wrote in grade 10. Enjoy!

Memories of Sunlight

From some far off time

a thin ray of sunlight chose to end its journey

in my kitchen every Sunday.

It lit up the room

but favored

the unspectacular pattern

of fake yellow tiles

on the linoleum floor.

It was my duty

to crawl into the little space

wedged between 11 o’clock and noon

while Mom tripped over the bundle of me

and sighed

but laughed

and continued to get lunch made.


It never rained on Sundays,

not in my memory at least.

And I found protection

in that loose thread fallen from the sun’s robes

into my small world.


and complete

in those drifting gaps of brilliance.


In the warmth of the glow

in the arms of happiness

in the off-shaped square of light

I would touch the heated cracks in the floor

or pet my old and tired cat

who came wandering by.

And I sat

in rare peace

aware of a luxury my parents couldn’t understand.


But the spot of sun has since moved on

and diffused to someone else

who is fitting themselves into the brilliance they’ve been allowed.


as I did

and as I do

though the shadow of raindrops may

dance on the kitchen floor.

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2 thoughts on “Basking in The Brilliance

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