This post is part of the “Blogging from A-Z April Challenge”! The “I themed inspiration for today is “inside-out.” Enjoy!

When you look at the world from the outside-in, it’s a mess.

It’s an understatement to say that there’s a lot going on, because truthfully, everything is going on. It’s hard to see past the sheer magnitude of LIFE and figure out who you are in that context. After all, every description accurately pertains to you in someone’s eyes. To someone you are beautiful. To someone else you are hideous. People determine their thoughts about you within moments of meeting you, so you exist in every possible different form to each individual person you come in contact with.

No wonder it’s so hard to figure out who you are. When you are unsure of something, you can ask someone else for help. But when you are unsure of yourself there is no way you can find an answer from an outside source. The truth remains that you can change who you are, but you cannot change who others think you are.

You have to look at the world from the inside first, taking yourself and your values into account in every situation presented before you.

For the extent of this life, you will always be you. But the exterior world and everyone in it shifts and changes so drastically that it’s impossible to get a grip on what to think or do from all these different standpoints.

When you’re confused, stop trying to make a decision based on all the opposing opinions of the outside world. The force and noise of their voices will crush you if you take an “outside-in” perspective. View everything, first, from your own eyes; through the lens of who you are. Inside-out.

Go forth as your own person in every situation, and don’t let the outside forces be stronger than the strength of simply being yourself.

(Coming up tomorrow on The A-Z Challenge: ‘J’ is for “Jurassic”)

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