This post is part of the “Blogging from A-Z April Challenge”! The “O” themed inspiration for today is “Olive.” (And up until about 5 minutes ago I was contemplating making it “Oh Shit”, as I had NOTHING planned.) But I’m clicking the “Publish” button now, seconds before running off to dance, so, enjoy!

I am lying on my back in bed. It’s cold out, and the heating is low in the house. My blanket lies twisted around me, contorted during some previous stage in the night when I had been asleep. I lie still with the unsettling feeling that there is a reason I have been woken, though the proof does not present itself. There is something different about the space I am in. I feel fine, if not tired. My eyes dart once more around the darkened room, past the window, past the mounds of peaceful dreamers tucked into identical beds, and all the way to the door that leads to the hallway. Soft light streams lazily in from the crack underneath it. I let my eyes close.

But I still feel that something has changed. I turn my head back to the window beside me. The curtain is half-open, and against the glass on the other side rests a small hand.

I shake the tangled sheets away from me and switch on the light beside my bed. I run to the window.

As I reach it, the hand flits away from the glass, and I stare out at the face it belongs to.

For a moment I think I have imagined it. The face in the window is mine. My dark hair spills around me, my hollow cheeks look ghostly in the night, my eyebrows furrow in lack of understanding. Just a reflection. A trick of the light.

But then the reflection’s eyes blink out of synch with mine, and catch the light of a lamp glowing on the other side of the glass. Her eyes are dark, but flash in the lamplight to reveal their true colour. Green. They stare back at me with mirrored confusion for just a second, and then, she turns and runs. The clanging of her lamp is muffled through the glass as she darts away, but it is a sound I hear in my head as I lie awake all night, until finally, in the early hours of the morning, my brown eyes close.

Olive. Her name is Olive.

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