The Zenness of The End of April

Peaceful does she sleep
 For tomorrow is May 1st 
The challenge is done

Shhhh…I’m meditating.

No, that’s a lie. But I will be in a place of peace upon publishing this because ’tis the last day of the A-Z Challenge.

But wait! That doesn’t mean you can fall asleep in corpse pose, (oh, excuse me, “shavasana”), we’ve got work to do on this blog yet! Have you heard of the half-moon-happy-crow-baby-tree-hugging-astronaut-warrior pose (ookatsawhatthephookasana)? Exactly! There’s work to be done here yet.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the summary of The A-Z Challenge and the new blog schedule, so don’t you go anywhere, young bloghopper. I’m going to try and keep up this daily post business, because besides the fact that it stresses me out, it’s actually very calming….like meticulously grooming a bonsai tree.

Just kidding, I’ve never groomed a bonsai tree. I have, however, killed a bonsai tree. I have also run over a yoga teacher while rushing to not be late for class. (Her response, after recovering from being winded and lying face down on the ground: “Namaste.”)

Anyways, green tea, chakras, and cherry blossoms, readers; see you in May!

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3 thoughts on “The Zenness of The End of April

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