His Spectrum: Inspired by “November” by Max Richter


Fail Friday #1: The Great…Pumpkin?

If you haven’t been on Pinterest yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT. Everything that is cool and good and right in the world can be found there.

But basically…the food section. Am I right?

Anyways, last Halloween my dance company hosted a Halloween fundraiser with a haunted house, games and prizes, dancing, and a cake walk.

I was browsing Pinterest for fun ideas for said cake walk, and saw this:

pumpkin win

I thought: How clever! How fun! How simple! I can do that!

And um…this was the result.

pumpkin fail

Pinterest: 1 Kat: 0

I remember my mom coming into the kitchen just as a chunk of the cake detached and splatted onto the floor in all it’s orange icingy glory.

“Well,” she began, trying to contain her laughter, “you could always put some gummy worms in it and turn it into a ‘rotten pumpkin’ kind of thing?”

And that’s when I knew I had failed.

Needless to say, I spared my cake from being the last picked at the cake walk and learned that dear Pinterest can be VERY MISLEADING. (Though this leads to hilarious moments. Some. Fuxking. Hilarious. Moments.)

Can you spot 5 differences between these two photos?

Can you spot 5 differences between these two photos?

Oh friends, there is nothing funnier than failure.

Kat Tale Thursday #1: 180 Degrees

Okay, I promise the Mother Abbess, “Climb Every Mountain” theme this week is unintentional…Anyways:

The lights dimmed on the boat as it swept silently through familiar waves. It was quieter than usual; most of us sat solitarily, at least a comfortable few seats apart. A lone couple was mashed together at the front, but other than that, we kept to ourselves, heading silently away from the action.

As the SeaBus pulled away from the harbor and the lights went down, the colors of the receding city brightened and bobbed steadily farther from our drift. Yet in our quiet darkness, lights began to streak and flash and tumble in the sky as the show we were missing found us in a different way.

The view was clear in the darkness, and the uncommon silence of the fireworks was at once calming and surreal. There were no boom’s or pre-warnings, no crackle of fading sparks; only a delightfully haunting feeling of visual madness without auditory ruckus. We had the beat seats in the house.

The thrill of such simple fascination caused a delighted smile to land on my face as the show danced across my eyes. All of us in the seats facing the back of the ship were in on the secret, grinning and gazing at the city, trying to soundlessly coax the strangers facing the front to turn around.

One man, in particular, happened to be just next to where I was looking out the window, and tried to uncomfortably ignore what he must have thought was a strange girl shamelessly staring at him. But my gaze coaxed him, begged him to turn and see what he was only 180 degrees away from.

Sparks flashed more intensely in the sky he had his back to, and in a burst of realization he turned just in time to see gold orbs pulse and drift noiselessly in the distance; a siren begging for attention, a hello to humanity.

It made me think. Maybe there’s more out there that we’re so close to, but just not noticing. Maybe all we’ve been searching for is what we’ve got our backs too. Sometimes there are goofy stares and fireworks that make you turn around, but most of the time we dismiss the signs. I mean, why crane your neck, why move from a comfortable position if you don’t have to?

But I realized, then, that even if the man had turned around to nothing more than black sky, he wouldn’t have been any worse off. In fact, he’d have been all the better for it. For only once we’ve turned in circles, stared up at the sky, and down to our feet; only once we’ve tilted ourselves sideways and searched all around can we move on knowing we’ve missed nothing.

The man turned back once more to face me with a smile on his face and a nod of understanding before he went to grab a seat facing the show.

Yep, it’s a funny thing this life. You never know what you are going to learn or see once you spin around a bit and shake off the dust. Just don’t forget to turn back and thank whoever helped you to see the beauty in seeing in a new light.

Just for context: The SeaBus

There is No Tragedy in Falling

Happy Wildcard Wednesday! For today I just wrote a few words to get you up the mountain and over the hump day. 🙂

There is no tragedy in falling. There is only tragedy in letting them pull you down. There is only tragedy in letting them keep you from climbing. In letting the nearsighted on the ground tell you they could see the exact pebble you tripped on from a million miles below with complete disregard for the great stretch of scenery between where you left and where you ended up.

As long as there are mountains to climb, do no listen to those who tell you otherwise, for there is no tragedy in falling.

(Apparently, we’re just really going for the Mother Abbess theme this week. Another chorus of “Climb Every Mountain”, shall we?)

Truth Tuesdays #1: The Care Scare

I bullshitted my way through high school. Generally, I think that if you made it through high school at all, you did a fair amount of bullshitting.

Why? Because every day you’re bounced around from History to

And yes, I truly did have a lesson on his facial hair once. Welcome to Canadian history.

Math to English to French and all of these different teachers expect you to CARE SO MUCH about whatever thing they are presenting on that given day, and generally disregard the fact that you can’t care so deeply about logarithms, the conjugation of “aller”, how Hamlet is feeling in Act 2 scene 2, and Louis Riel’s facial hair all in the same day. But you have to.

And it carries over into life. World famine! Care! Mormons preaching at your door! Smack that hangover off your face! The Sarah McLachlan animal rescue commercial! Start crying! Free soap! Just fill out this survey about your stuggles with hygiene!

So why the bullshit? It’s not that nobody cares. They do. They just care on their own terms. Selfish caring, if you will, but it’s the only honest way to do it. You can’t present something and ask for people to care and have it instantly be so; it doesn’t work like that.

People don’t care on command. They have to grow into caring; find what they care about themselves. When that happens, they’ll take action because they need to, not just because they want to. Because the cause or person is so much a part of them, of who they are, that they need to make a change, or take a stand, or lend a hand. They are truthfully and totally invested.

Not because you asked them to be, but because they know they are.

I can’t tell you what to care about or believe in. You gotta find it for yourself.

The Monday Cheer-Up #1: Sail Cat

So. The unthinkable has happened. It is Monday. Seven days have passed and it’s back like a boomerang.

But to that I say…

Having a bad Monday?

Now you’re not.

This video is apparently old news, but when I saw it for the first time last week (and then the second time, followed by the third time…etc.) I DIED. If laughter is the best medicine, this video is my drug dealer. I haven’t laughed so hard in…maybe a year…maybe my entire life.

The best part is, I have the kind of laughter that is absolutely debilitating. Complete loss of control of any and all muscle function. Collapse to the floor.

I also have what’s known as “laughter aftershock”, where anytime I think about the video; be it in class, on a bus, lying awake at night, or riding a camel on Mars, I lose it all over again.

It’s just…THE BUILDUP. I was laughing within a second and it wasn’t even at the epic jump yet. As a dancer, I truly appreciate this flawless and accidental display of cat choreography. (Catreography?)

Alright then, hope that helps you SAIL through your Monday.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” –Papa Shakes (Shakespeare)

Life after Z

Ole and stuff.

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO friends! (I realize this might say it’s been published on the 6th, but that’s because my computer’s been stuck on Toronto time for almost a year now, and I don’t know how to fix it, nor do I really want to because it’s kind of a nice reminder of one of my favourite places. AND I’m worried that if I change it I’ll start subtracting 3 hours from the REAL time by accident and then my brain will probably just give up and go all mashed potatoes on me.)

Anyways, the point of this is to introduce you to the new, life after Blogging A-Z post schedule.

NOTE: We’re just going to try this out, and adjust accordingly. I’ve got something scheduled for EVERY DAY which is a little bit crazy, so, forewarning, I might choose my pillow over the keypad some days.

Monday’s will be “The Monday Cheer-Up”, in which I will attempt to brighten the beginning of the week so that the weekend to week transition is a little happier for everyone. Think of it like a virtual care package.

Tuesday’s are “Truth Tuesdays” where I’ll rant about my current beliefs and opinions but will try not to impose them on you in anyway because everyone is great and different and that’s the best part about this life situation, just the only thing is if you are opposed to the occasional run-on sentence then no, we can’t look past or differences and be friends. Phew.

Wednesday’s will be “Wildcard Wednesdays” which means a post on WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE. It’s my party and I’ll provide you with a tree bark frying how-to if I so want to. On Wednesdays. (Don’t worry, I won’t do the bark thing.)

Thursday’s are for STORIES. Of my silly life, or otherwise. How do I make that a cute alliteration?

Friday’s are “Fail Fridays”; posts about anything and everything that goes wrong and is that much better and funnier because of it.

Saturday’s will be mellow days where my possibly poetic side will come out and show itself. Expect lots of ocean metaphors. Because I like them. Cute alliterating title needed on this one too.

AND Sunday’s will be titled “Mail on Sunday”, where I will write a letter each week to someone, or something. Suggestions appreciated.

Okay? Alrighty, see you tomorrow then.  🙂