Life after Z

Ole and stuff.

HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO friends! (I realize this might say it’s been published on the 6th, but that’s because my computer’s been stuck on Toronto time for almost a year now, and I don’t know how to fix it, nor do I really want to because it’s kind of a nice reminder of one of my favourite places. AND I’m worried that if I change it I’ll start subtracting 3 hours from the REAL time by accident and then my brain will probably just give up and go all mashed potatoes on me.)

Anyways, the point of this is to introduce you to the new, life after Blogging A-Z post schedule.

NOTE: We’re just going to try this out, and adjust accordingly. I’ve got something scheduled for EVERY DAY which is a little bit crazy, so, forewarning, I might choose my pillow over the keypad some days.

Monday’s will be “The Monday Cheer-Up”, in which I will attempt to brighten the beginning of the week so that the weekend to week transition is a little happier for everyone. Think of it like a virtual care package.

Tuesday’s are “Truth Tuesdays” where I’ll rant about my current beliefs and opinions but will try not to impose them on you in anyway because everyone is great and different and that’s the best part about this life situation, just the only thing is if you are opposed to the occasional run-on sentence then no, we can’t look past or differences and be friends. Phew.

Wednesday’s will be “Wildcard Wednesdays” which means a post on WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE. It’s my party and I’ll provide you with a tree bark frying how-to if I so want to. On Wednesdays. (Don’t worry, I won’t do the bark thing.)

Thursday’s are for STORIES. Of my silly life, or otherwise. How do I make that a cute alliteration?

Friday’s are “Fail Fridays”; posts about anything and everything that goes wrong and is that much better and funnier because of it.

Saturday’s will be mellow days where my possibly poetic side will come out and show itself. Expect lots of ocean metaphors. Because I like them. Cute alliterating title needed on this one too.

AND Sunday’s will be titled “Mail on Sunday”, where I will write a letter each week to someone, or something. Suggestions appreciated.

Okay? Alrighty, see you tomorrow then.  🙂

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