The Monday Cheer-Up #1: Sail Cat

So. The unthinkable has happened. It is Monday. Seven days have passed and it’s back like a boomerang.

But to that I say…

Having a bad Monday?

Now you’re not.

This video is apparently old news, but when I saw it for the first time last week (and then the second time, followed by the third time…etc.) I DIED. If laughter is the best medicine, this video is my drug dealer. I haven’t laughed so hard in…maybe a year…maybe my entire life.

The best part is, I have the kind of laughter that is absolutely debilitating. Complete loss of control of any and all muscle function. Collapse to the floor.

I also have what’s known as “laughter aftershock”, where anytime I think about the video; be it in class, on a bus, lying awake at night, or riding a camel on Mars, I lose it all over again.

It’s just…THE BUILDUP. I was laughing within a second and it wasn’t even at the epic jump yet. As a dancer, I truly appreciate this flawless and accidental display of cat choreography. (Catreography?)

Alright then, hope that helps you SAIL through your Monday.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” –Papa Shakes (Shakespeare)

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