Truth Tuesdays #1: The Care Scare

I bullshitted my way through high school. Generally, I think that if you made it through high school at all, you did a fair amount of bullshitting.

Why? Because every day you’re bounced around from History to

And yes, I truly did have a lesson on his facial hair once. Welcome to Canadian history.

Math to English to French and all of these different teachers expect you to CARE SO MUCH about whatever thing they are presenting on that given day, and generally disregard the fact that you can’t care so deeply about logarithms, the conjugation of “aller”, how Hamlet is feeling in Act 2 scene 2, and Louis Riel’s facial hair all in the same day. But you have to.

And it carries over into life. World famine! Care! Mormons preaching at your door! Smack that hangover off your face! The Sarah McLachlan animal rescue commercial! Start crying! Free soap! Just fill out this survey about your stuggles with hygiene!

So why the bullshit? It’s not that nobody cares. They do. They just care on their own terms. Selfish caring, if you will, but it’s the only honest way to do it. You can’t present something and ask for people to care and have it instantly be so; it doesn’t work like that.

People don’t care on command. They have to grow into caring; find what they care about themselves. When that happens, they’ll take action because they need to, not just because they want to. Because the cause or person is so much a part of them, of who they are, that they need to make a change, or take a stand, or lend a hand. They are truthfully and totally invested.

Not because you asked them to be, but because they know they are.

I can’t tell you what to care about or believe in. You gotta find it for yourself.

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