Day 1: Retry July

As you know, I’ve committed myself to 31 days of bloggy Summer good times. But I also have some other goals for the month, and I’ll let you in on a little secret as to why that is.

 It’s something called “Retry July.”

Happy New Month!

Remember all those resolutions for the new year you made with champagne brain before the clock struck midnight? Oh…yeah. Or maybe you’re a resolution cynic like me and you didn’t make a single one.

I’m not going to assume you failed to follow through on those resolutions…but…well, statistically, most people do. Here’s the thing: In Retry July, YOU GET ANOTHER CHANCE. You don’t have to wait until January 2014 to set your goals again and take another stab at making a change.

For me, most of my goals are fitness and health related, simply because I’m recovering from a knee injury that essentially involved my kneecap waking up one dancey day and deciding to ERUPT and cease to be a kneecap. (Exaggeration.) For the past few weeks, since I’ve been off of dance school for summer, I’ve gotten a head start on these goals, but I figured I’d write them out here for you all to see just to hold me accountable.

Essentially my future self-portrait.

1. Jolly Good ElliptiCOOL Times: 5 x a week for 30 mins I shall brave the horror of the gym and get this elliptical business done. Which for the last three weeks I have done, and it is HORRIBLE until you’re done and then EVERYTHING IS RAINBOWS.

2. The 80 Day Pushup Challenge: This one was mostly just for fun. I started with 20 pushups and have been adding one more everyday. For example, today I did 39 consecutively. By August 31st, I’ll do 100 in a row. (Not sure if this is actually possible…but it’s worked so far! Mostly just an experiment; I’ll keep you posted.)

3. Refined Sugar Ninja Week: I did this once and I was crawling to the ice cream by the end of it. But it’s good and challenges are fun so I’m trying it again JUST FOR A WEEK. Join me? This is hard to do perfectly accurately, but basically NO OBVIOUSLY SUGARY bad foods. Replace with natural sugar instead!

Since goal numero 3 is a one week kinda thing, I’d like to have a different weekly goal/challenge for the month of July to supplement the other two which will be month-round. I’ll also be doing my daily physio exercises but I won’t write those all out for you because I’m sure you care not for the details of the reverse yoga ball bridge superman exercise, for example.

So will you join me? I’m not asking you to commit to curing cancer by August; just pick one little goal and see if you can carry it through the month. Retry July is Resolution January’s modest and humbled brother, so don’t let perfection be the enemy of good. Give it a try and we can bitch together about the absence of brownies and creepy leg-press machine man. Sound good?

2 thoughts on “Day 1: Retry July

  1. do you get a lot of this types of comments? such as I’M NEW HERE AT WORDPRESS AND YOU’RE MY FAVORITE BLOGGER SO FAR I LOVE IT I WANNA BE FRIENDS WITH YOU :3 being said that, I hope you do because your blog is really cool, I feel like I’ve followed you forever and I know you so well, I love it, I love your challenges and al of the things you write. And Imma stop now because Ive recently read the post where you wrote letters to weird people and I dont wanna be on it haha but seriously tho, please keep writing like you do, greetings from Mexico!

    • I am currently lost at the airport, and I just saw your comment and IT MADE ME SO HAPPY. I’ll admit, when I first started reading it and saw the ALL-CAPS I was scared you were going to say something more like, “I’M NEW HERE AT WORDPRESS AND I SAW YOUR BLOG AND NOW I WANT TO NEVER READ OR WRITE OR USE THE INTERNET OR BREATHE AGAIN.” Thankfully that wasn’t the case! You are too sweet! I want to be YOUR friend and bake you brownies and cheer for you every time you wake up in the morning and bring you soup when you’re sick. <—So don't worry about being weird because I out-weird everyone by far. I hope you keep reading and I think it's SO COOL that you're from MEXICO.

      Thank you for making my day 🙂

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