Day 2: Canada D(eh?)!

31 Days of Summer: Day 2 coming at you!

canada deh

It’s a scam. The CN Tower is actually only about 10 ft tall.

I am Canadian. And for all but 3 New Yorking months, Canada is the place I’ve called home for 19 years. Yesterday was Canada Day, and my red and white, post-beach skin complexion is obviously intentionally patriotic…ok?

From beaver fever to Beiber fever, 146 years later, the True North is as glorious as the anthem states. Here are a few of my favourite things about this little place I call home:

“Who’s a good lil’ sea monster? Wittle Ogi Pogi!”

1. Colour, Favourite, Neighbour.

2. Legend has it there’s a badass sea monster living in Okanagan Lake, and his badass name is…Ogopogo. Cutest. Scary mythical creature name. Ever.

3. I do not, nor have I ever, nor do I know of anyone who has lived in an igloo.

4. Canadian Customs Officers are far less terrifying than…well, I don’t want to name any names…(see: “The Vulgar (Presumed) Visa Violation”)

5. My momma was Terry Fox’s nurse, and every year of elementary school I huffed and puffed around the field in honour of him.

6. The originality that went into the naming of “Newfoundland.”

7. Speaking of names, just TRY pronouncing “Saskatchewan.”

8. Karen Kain. Once I got a picture of her back. Framed it.

Hardcore stuff, right?

9. CANADA IS A BIG MOMMA: 9,984,670 square miles, so, no, actually, I don’t know your uncle Ted in Toronto.

10. Kinder Surprise is legal. (Not a code name for some hard drug, but a milk chocolate egg with a toy inside; apparently ‘hazardous’ in the States.) Well, we live life on the edge up here, folks.

 …I could go on and on. Yep, it’s a pretty grand place, eh? I’m a proud Canadian, and for that, (and just about that only), I will not apologize.

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