Day 10: The Sadness of Blue

31 Days of Summer: Day 10 (11:37 pm, but still, day 10!)

This is an excerpt from a little work in a lot of progress, and WARNING, it’s not funny. I started it as a joke, if you can believe it, and it actually ended up being kind of sad.

So. Whoops.

“My favourite colour used to be green. Favourites are sort of weird things, aren’t they? They’re pure matters of unimportant opinions that pool together to create rough sketches of who we are.

I loved green. I thought there was nothing prettier than walking in a forest and filling your eyes with a colour that was so absolutely alive and lived in; not just a two dimensional hue spread onto a wall, or the artificial colour of dyed and gleaming plastic.

Green is the colour of life. As plants break through the Earth they wave flags of green. Moss and grass and leaves are sporadic and chaotic architecture of the natural world; the only true world.

They say that green is psychologically calming. It makes us think of peace, freshness, and newness. It reconnects us to a place we’ve all departed from by accepting the society we live in.

And for these attempted descriptions and for many other indescribable reasons, green was my favourite colour.


My new favourite colour is blue; but it’s not the blue of the sky, or the sea; it’s the colour of the universe that has collected in your eyes. I have approximated this to be “blue”, but it’s much bigger and brighter and greater than such a simple description could allow.

As I sit in my room writing this, the sinking sun shines spotlights on the trees outside my window, lighting up the green landscape I am surrounded by. But far off in the distance, past the houses, the neighbourhood, and above the city, the trees on the mountains in the distance glow blue.

Blue is the colour of a sky I can’t touch. The depth of an ocean I’d drown in before reaching.

That’s the thing about blue. For it is beautiful, but melancholic. Blue is distanced and far and out of reach, like those trees on the mountains. Cruel almost. Still, blue is the colour of your eyes, my favourite colour in the entire world, reading this from miles away.

Blue is the present echo of an emotion already felt. Blue is this ink that has already dried, when I wish it could stain your fingers, fresh.”

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