Day 14: Whoops

Hello friends! It is currently 11:50 pm so I’m going to speed write this post, which is going to be mildly lame because I am writing it in bed on an iPod after remembering that I didn’t put anything up today. JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT I ALMOST FAILED YOU.

Then again, I tend to get really into these posts and they end up accidentally being, like, 1000 words each, and that’s just annoying, I realize. So maybe this is for the best.

Anyways…I have no idea what to write. I got home at 5 this morning, and then headed off to pretend to be Asian at my work. (This is all a story I will explain in the future.) 36 awkward moments and 6 inappropriate outbursts of laughter later, here we are at 11:55 pm. Typical.

Oh! I know! I did take a picture of this sign on my way home because I found it completely hilarious.


Mostly because I cannot imagine a single scenario that would cause someone sitting on a wall to fall in such an epic, Supermanny, flight-like manner. I wish my clumsiness was at least as cool as they make it seem in the caution signs.

Til tomorrow!

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