Day 15(.5)-UPDATEROO

.5?! Yes, yes, I’m incredibly generous/I feel guilty using up a day’s post to remind you of what’s already been posted.

Amount of posts I’m allowed to publish in one day?
The limit does not exist.

First order of business: Joseph Gordon-Levitt is still safe with me, and doing much better at that. Though he does like to constantly remind me that the challenge title, “31 Days of Summer” is the most half-assed attempt at a clever and relevant movie reference…

 Secondly, it has come to my attention that for some reason, 53 PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING THIS BLOG. And maybe that’s not a LOT, but it just dawned on me that 53 people are notified of every word I write. So, sincerely, thank you, thank you; I don’t care how many people any of you have murdered, you’re all absolutely lovely in my eyes.


SEE. That or my mom created 53 accounts…wouldn’t put it past her.

Also, tell me about yourselves, because it can get rather boring talking about myself all the time and I want to know your favourite colours, and your favourite ninja turtles, and where you’re from, and your thoughts on the possibility of the existence of unicorns and other mythical creatures, and how high your tolerance is for run on sentences on a scale of  1-10, and if you’re often wearing matching socks and if so, what your strategies  are for accomplishing said FEET FEAT etc. etc.

OKAY. Comment that all out of your systems if you like, and if you’re too paranoid to answer any questions because you have murdered 1 or more persons, I understand, that’s alright too.

Now, without further ado…links to catch you up on the documentation of my insanity.

Previously on …So Help Me Cats:

Day 1: In which I am too hipster for New Year’s resolutions…so I make them in July.

Day 2: In which I present you with fun Canadian facts that WILL BE ON THE TEST. (Just kidding, there’s no test…or is there?)

Day 3: In which I invite you to my Lion King themed funeral…date TBD.

Day 4: I which “Excellence in Sing-A-Longs” and nine other things get added to my resume.

Day 5: In which I display my Anti-Skill Set.

Day 6: In which you can learn how to make a killing off of smashing things.

Day 7: In which I explain how uncomfortable and worried selfie-takers make me feel.

Day 8: In which I end a relationship of over 14 years.

Day 9: In which I tell you all my secrets…such as where I buy groceries.

Day 10: In which in the name of lost love, things get momentarily metaphorical.

Day 11: In which saying ‘no’ gets so good, you’ll never want to say ‘yes’ again.

Day 12: In which I endorse insanity in the name of turning that frown upside down.

Day 13: In which I explain the book series that made my life one big Caturday.

Day 14: In which gravity doesn’t exist for caution sign characters.

Day 15: In which I solemnly swear I am Caucasian.


Alrighty, get yourself all caught up, and we’ll keep this party going.

3 thoughts on “Day 15(.5)-UPDATEROO

  1. is it really weird that I read the “previously on…So help me cats” with the narrator voice of Desperate Houswives? My favorite color is blue in all of its shades, I never really liked the ninja turtles, I’m from Mexico and I really belive unicorns are among us, just not in the cities, they live in beautiful places such as New Zeland or somewhere in Japan though over there they have lazer eyes and they’re much much bigger.I dont really wear socks because Mexico is hell on earth but when I do I never its pair so I end up wearing two different socks all the time. I’m a huge fan of pizza and it broke my heart when I read about your fear of melted cheese because melted cheese is awesome 😦 I also have a crush with my best friend’s old brother and I love Beyoncé. I can’t think of any other information now you might wanna know but can you please ask Joseph Gordon-Levitt what happened with Autumn, the girl at the end of the movie? greetings! xo

    • Thank you!!! Sorry about the melted cheese thing; I know, it’s pretty weird. Joseph says that he went and got coffee with Autumn, but he accidentally spilled his on a girl who’s name happened to be “Winter.” He took her jacket to the dry cleaner’s and the lady working there had a name-tag that said, “Spring.” Then Ashton Kutcher jumped out from behind the counter and told him he’d been “Punk’d.”

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