Welcome to How to Be Graceful!



What WHAAAT. Sorry for any confusion. I got bored with …So Help Me Cats and decided “How to Be Graceful” to be a more fitting title for this…this odd collection/clusterfuck/Grandma’s button bag of thoughts and feelings.

And let me clarify that I am in no way trying to use this blog to teach you helplessly clumsy people how to be graceful…HA. Quite the opposite. I don’t know how to be graceful. I have may have 17 years of ballet training, but I also fail daily, and SO INCREDIBLY at the most basic spatial awareness/coordination-involving tasks that I would be picked last for the amputated turtle’s parkour team.

That being said, I think that true grace is a fine balance of kindness, selflessness, honesty, humor, and confidence. (Ugh, that sounds so terribly like a Miss America pageant, but you now what I mean.) And while I don’t have enough of that balance to pull off even a single metaphorical pirouette, I think it’s one of the most important things to strive for.

Don’t worry, cats are some of the most graceful creatures I can imagine. Their presence on here moving forward will definitely not be lacking.