Day 20: Next-Life Request Form

31 Days of Summer: Day 20


Dear Universe,

I, Katrina; human since August 3rd, 1993, hereby formally and officially request “cat” for my next life.

As a cat, I would continue my voyage of enlightenment through stimulating cat-specific activities such as frolicking, purring, napping, and the general destruction of anything I please.

I would like to examine the human-cat dynamic from this new angle, and I believe my already present, human attributes would translate well into next-life cattributes. For example, I am annoying as all f*ck but extremely loving and kind. I love sleeping in strange positions, trying to fit into small and unusual spaces, and am flexible, hungry, and expressive. I lack common sense to a ghastly degree and enjoy changing my mind.

As a cat, be it domestic or wild, I would focus on living in the moment and doing exactly as I please. Should the opportunity arise, I would be honoured to be a mama cat and carry around scruffy little fur balls in my teeth during the day, licking them gently to sleep at night.

I would definitely get all up in the cat-nip, too.

Therefore universe, in the next life, please take me into consideration for the role of “cat.” Should this not be possible; meerkat, clown fish, penguin, and sloth are all parts I would be apt and content to explore as well.

Thank you for your time,